Coffee and giggles

Hey there,

Yesterday I finally saw my friend Irmy again! She lives and studies in Antwerp so after school we went shopping and had a coffee. We went to Texas Coffee. A really nice spot where you can have all day breakfast. They serve avocado toast, pancakes with bacon or blueberries etc. Also they have the coolest lattés ever: pink ones! My friend had an affogato. This is coffee with ice cream (delicious). So happy to have seen her ♥

Oh yeah.. we bought matching earrings haha. From H&M!



Chocolate banana bread

Hey guys!

I’ve made banana bread for the very first time yesterday, the chocolate version. It looks very unhealthy but the best part is: it isn’t!
It’s a recipe from Rens Kroes, love her.

What do you need?:
-3tbsp chia seeds
-4tbsp cacao powder
-120mL oat milk
-3 little ripe bananas (about 350gr)
-120 mL coconut oil (melted)
-5dates (medjool)
-200gr oat flour
-2tsp baking soda
-1tsp salt
-1tsp vanilla powder (without sugar)
-1tbsp lemon juice

How do you do it?
Put the chia seeds in 150 mL water so they become soft. In the meantime you put the bananas, oat milk, melted coconut oil and the lemon juice in a blender. Mix it all together. After this you add the dates (without the core, ofcourse) and mix again. After this you put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and you make sure it becomes a mixture (just go through it with a spoon or with your hands). Add the sticky mixture from the blender, to the dry mixture and as last you add the soft chia seeds. Mix everything reeeally good. Swab some coconut oil in the baking tray and use some baking paper (so the bread doesn’t stick to the baking tray). Put in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.



Pizza with oatmeal crust

Hey you!

I’ve tried a new recipe yesterday. Since I’m a huge pizzalover, I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative and I’ve found this one. It’s a recipe from the sisters from Chicks Love Food. The crust contains just oatmeal, water and 1egg: amazing!

What do you need?
-130gr oatmeal
-100mL water
-1 little aubergine
– pasta sauce (only tomato, no meat)

How to do it?
You blend 50gr oatmeal, afterwards you add the rest of the oatmeal to this and you mix it with 100mL of water and 1 egg. Mix until you have a sticky mixture. Put the mixture on a baking tray, in a pizza form (0.5 cm thick). Bake for 10 minutes (200 degrees).
Put some olive oil onto the dough and afterwards the tomato sauce. Put as much aubergine and mozarella on top as you like (cut the aubergine thin enough). Bake again for 30minutes: done!


The Atlas Mountains

Hey guys,

We had the chance to follow a guided excursion through the Atlas Mountains. I had no words. The views there were amazing. There is a region called ‘vallée du paradis’ where you can see thousand of palmtrees. For lunch we went to a moroccan family to eat a traditional dish: round bread with a couple of dips (as I told you before in my post about Dar Josephine). The people here have it for breakfast. Really nice! The children there were sooo sweet and lovely. Moroccan people are very kind. This definitely was one of my favourite days throughout the whole holiday!


Mom ♥


Just a casual day in Agadir

Hey guys,

because of the weather, which wasn’t always that great, we did a lot of activities. We did some camel riding and visited the local market, called ‘Souk El Had’. They had everything you could dream of: meat, fresh fruit, clothes, cleaning material, spices, tea,… you name it! You also had the possibility to drink real moroccan mint tea, really nice but sometimes too sweet (they add a lot of sugar). You have to pour the tea in a little glass and then put it back in the can. You do this 3 times before you drink it, a real moroccan tradition.


Dar Josephine

Hey there!

In my last post I told you about Taghazout. There is this little spot where you can have breakfast or lunch: Dar Josephine! They have tajin, salads and homemade lasagna (moroccan style).  I had the vegetarian lasagna and my mom the meat version. It was delicious! They used all kinds of spices, yum! They served it with typical moroccan bread, a round one. The local people eat bread like this for breakfast with some olive oil, honey or argan oil.



I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been to Agadir last week. The weather is at its best in march until august. We had a lot of fog. Because of that we went a lot into the mountains or to other villages where the sun was out. One of this villages is called Taghazout. It’s about an half hour away from Agadir. It’s really small and it’s a place where all the surfers go to. There are a lot of surfer lodges where you can stay. Also a lot of colours! Instant happiness when you’re at this place. At the beach I made a new friend: a dog!



Hello Morocco!

Hey guys,

I’ve been traveling to Morocco for a week, more specific to Agadir. We stayed at Riu Tikida Beach Hotel. It was really nice! We went for the all inclusive formula so you could eat and drink whatever you liked. My favourite part ofcourse was breakfast. They had everything you could dream of: croissants, yoghurt, muesli, fresh fruit, pancakes… Loved it.


I love to add some strawberry jam to my yoghurt. After stirring it gives a lovely sweet taste. 


Couldn’t choose haha! Pancakes with chocolate sauce and banana, but also went for some yoghurt with muesli, woops!

Superfood Pain Perdu

Hey guys,

This one’s very easy, healthy and delicious! It’s a recipe from Jamie Oliver (love that guy).

What do you need?
-2 eggs
-1 banana
-a slice of bread (around 2.5 cm thick)
-toppings you like

How to do it?
Put the banana and 2eggs in a blender. Add a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon and mix all of these ingredients. You cut a slit into the bread and fill this with the raspberries. Make sure you don’t tear the bread. Put the bread slice fully into the mixture and cook this. Put a little bit of coconut oil in the frying pan before cooking. Serve this with some yoghurt, agave syrup, hazelnut butter or whatever you like!



New granola recipes ♥

Hey guys,

This week I made two types of granola: one with dark chocolate and a touch of coffee, the other one with almond and spiced cookie.

The first one: chocolate and coffee
What do you need?
-200gr oatmeal
– 1 little cup of coffee
– as much chocolate as you like (I use 86% cacao)
– 50gr almond flakes
– 100 gr nuts (wallnut, almond,…)
– agave syrup
– sea salt
– coconut oil

How to do it?
Melt the chocolate and the coconut oil and mix it with the oatmeal so it becomes a sticky mixture. Afterwards you add the coffee and just a little bit of agave syrup and a little bit of sea salt. Mix it up and put it in the oven for 20minutes (160 degrees) and make sure you stirr every 5minutes. In the meantime you grill the nuts and flakes (with some coconut oil). When they become a little bit brown, they’re ready. Mix these with the oven baked oatmeal. Afterwards you can melt some more of the chocolate and mix this with the granola so you have an extra layer of chocolate. Delicious!

Almond and spiced cookie granola
What do you need?
-200gr of oatmeal
-100mL agave syrup
-4 tbsp melted coconut oil
-100gr nuts
-50gr almond flakes
-spiced cookie (I use herbs of these)

How to do it?
Exactly the same as the previous one, only now you cover the oatmeal with melted coconut oil and the agave syrup. Put enough spiced cookie into it because you lose some of the flavour while baking. While the nuts and flakes are getting grilled, you can add some spiced cookie too.



Chocolate and coffee


Almond and spiced cookie