Hi hi,

Today’s lunch happened quite spontaneous haha 🙂 I checked the fridge and there were some tomatoes left and some tuna so I came with an idea. We always have quinoa in the house because my brother and I are simply addicted to it! And so this mixed meal arised..

First I cut some onions and tomatoes in little pieces and cook them in olive oil. Then I add some garlic (garlic is essential in quinoa recipies!!) and some tomato paste. You just leave this on the fire and weigh the quinoa. One portion is around 40-50 grams.  You add the quinoa to all the rest and eventually you add water. Pay attention: don’t add too much water because the quinoa won’t be able to take in all the water.

When all the water is dissapeared and you think the quinoa is soft enough (that depends on how you like it yourself, I like it really soft so sometimes I add more water afterwards), the quinoa is ready! You put it in a bowl and top it with the tuna or you can just mash it up, like I did. Finish it with pepper and salt and you’re good to go!



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