Work work work

IMG_0053IMG_0030IMG_0058Hey loves,

Today I started my day with a morning walk. It’s my way to start a day (when the weather allows me to 😉 ). I walk approximately 5km. It’s really nice because I’ve found a place with a lot of green and it’s really quite, especially early in the morning.

During summer I get up around 9:30 am and walk for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then I have breakfast when I get back. During school it often gets earlier in the morning because I have much more stuff to do during the day.

You can combine this walk with some exercises, like lunges or you can run from time to time. That’s how I do it: I walk like 4 km and the last km I run back home. It actually gives you a great feeling and it gives you a boost of energy so you can get trough the day!

I got this idea from a Swedish blogger called Janni Delér. I looove her blog so you should really check it out by clicking here  ;-)!





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