Hey hey,

Today my mom and I went to Ghent, the city where I’m studying. It was about time the studio where I live during the year got cleaned. I really love that place, it’s like my little comfortzone. It’s the ideal place where you can relax when you had a busy day at school. During summer I’m not that often over there so I’m actually looking forward to move in again. The academic year starts 26th September so the countdown can begin!

Afterwards my mom and I had dinner at a little italian place just around the corner. It’s called “Firenze”. The people are so kind over there and the food is really good. It’s like you’re in South-Italy for a while. All products are fresh and you have a lot of choice on the menu. I had tagliatelle with a mushroom-creamsauce, ham and a looot of cheese πŸ˜‰ friday is cheatday! No healthy food allowed πŸ™‚ I’m still full haha.

Now off to bed, food actually can make you tired…

Goodnight loves,


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