Chiara: 8 years and counting 😉

13900380_10208522147109911_2023610609_n13906863_1042328529196221_6375645016693193397_nHey babes!

3 weeks ago my friends and I went to a party called Wouterland. It’s our small version of tomorrowland haha 😉 We go there every year because all our friends are there and you know a lot of people so it’s really nice. People talk about what they’ve already done in their summer holidays and dance all night long.

Now it’s august and most of my friends are studying because they didn’t pass their exams the first time in june. So basically I only have one friend who’s available at this moment, but lucky me it’s my best friend: Chiara! We know each other since the first year in high school so we go way back 😉 I’m craving a party with all my friends so my countdown has begun! At the end of August all my friends are available again so I can’t wait! I guess that’s the only downside of getting good grades haha  🙂

Make sure you check out the festival, it’s really nice. Just click here !



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