Morning essentials



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Highlighter Mac

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Oh yeah, I always put some extra eyeshadows in the inner corner of my eyes 🙂 always gives that little extra

Hi there,

I’d like to give an overview about the make up I use to get myself ready for a new day. It’s a casual daylook, maybe I’ll post a partylook in the future 😉

Because it’s summer and I’m tanned, I don’t use fond de teint or a powder to make my face browner. I always start with the eyeshadow by Dior. I use a white one, but very light. You can see on the picture, it’s the colour which is used the most haha 😉

I use Garnier BB Cream for under my eyes. It’s a light brown creme that covers a short night! Afterwards I put on some mascara. I use Lancome Hypnotic Drama. It’s a black mascara and follows the curl of your lashes because the brush is bent.

I put on some eyeliner above my bottom lashes and also in the outer corner of my eye. It looks like I make a thin line above my upper lashes, but that’s not. It just looks like that because of the little curl on the outside 😉

Eventually I put on some blush. I use a purple/pink version of Chanel. I like this one because it doesn’t matter if you’re pale during winter, it still looks natural on your skin. On top of the blush I love having a lay of highlighter. I use the ‘Soft and Gentle’ by Mac.
PS: both the blush and highlighter: make sure you put it on from the outside to the inside. By doing this you put most focus on the most important spot of your cheek 😉
You can also put some highlighter on the top of your lips or nose, for that little extra effect!

And last but not least: always add perfume to complete it all! I looove Black Opium by YSL. It’s a warm and sweet odor and fits both winter and summer.



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