Sunday funday

Sundays are often days which are so empty and there isn’t that much to do. I always try to make the best out of it so today I had lunch with my friend Marie! I hadn’t seen her in quite a while so I was glad we could meet today 🙂 We had lunch at Soep en Zoet , a little place in Sint-Niklaas,Belgium. They have homemade pies, bagels, quiche, soups and much more! My friend had a bagel with goatcheese and bacon on it. I had a lunch menu: it contains a soup you can choose (I had a broccoli soup with goatcheese) and a sandwich. My sandwich was filled with a curry humus and vegetables. Delicious!! Also we had a homemade icetea containing red fruit and mint.

When I got back home, my stepdad was baking a salty pie. It is filled with ricotta, spinach,onions and a lot of spices. We’re gonna eat it for aperitif, because that is what you do on a sunday ;-)!!

Now it’s time for some chilling and doing absolutely nothing, wearing a sweatpants offcourse 😉

Enjoy your sunday!


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