Alpro power smoothie

Hi babes!

This morning I had my usual morning walk (not that long because I got a little too late out of bed and the weather wasn’t that good), and afterwards I made myself a breakfast smoothie! You actually get really full with only one smoothie and it gives you a lot of energy. Exactly what I need because I have to go to work this afternoon, ’till 22h 😦 the good thing is I get to work with chocolate! Always nice hehe 😉

So, first you weigh the fruits! I used red fruit and a banana. Make sure you have around 200 grams (I used a little less today because we were out of fruit). Afterwards you take around 200-300 mL of Alpro Soya drink. You can choose which one you like the most: I prefer almond unsweetened! You combine it with Alpro Soya Mild&Creamy. It’s like milk but more thick and creamy, delicious! Sometimes I just eat it like yoghurt with some granola 😉 I always have the Blueberry flavour. Make sure you have around 100 grams of it.

You put the Drink,fruits and Mild&Creamy in a blender. I also love to add a little Açai powder, but not too many because otherwise it predominates the whole smoothie! (PS: this isn’t necessary, but gives a nice touch) then, just mix it until you have a creamy drink! Afterwards you pour it into a glass and if you like, you can add some toppings! I wasn’t that hungry this morning so I only added some sesame seeds, but you can even add some nuts or granola if you like 😉 and for the sweet ones: you can always add a little bit of honey if you like!




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