Haute dogs

Hey hey,

I’ve been to a place in Antwerp, called Frank&Brut . You can have hot dogs over there, some side dishes and meals to share! The hot dogs aren’t that ordinary, but are topped with a lot of things. You can also choose which sausage you have: a frankfurter, mergueze etc.. I had a spanish one: a mergueze sausage with some Italian ham on it, a sweet type of tomato, a little bit of lettuce and a kind of paste which tasted quite hot when it got in contact with your tongue 😉 it was delicious! My friend had the same.

We ordered some french fries with it, but also the fries weren’t like the ordinary. They look like little waffles! They gave us a beetroot mayonnaise with it. I normally don’t like beetroot but this mayonnaise was truly amazing. We also had a meal to share: raw,red meat with truffle sauce. A kind of Américain as we call it here. It was served with a sort of salty nacho, fitted the meal perfectly!

To finish it all we had some dessert because we just couldn’t resist it: chocolate cake with a sauce of caramel, oreo crunch,vanilla ice cream and some merengue creme. BEST DESSERT EVER! I would go back for the dessert only haha 😉

Make sure you guys check it out!!

Big kiss,


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