Happy 20th birthday!


Birthday boy!

14102739_1769624599988875_5816039687228780666_n14141855_1769624903322178_2680174531744030249_n14191969_1769623993322269_299640685148150393_n14063995_1769627606655241_1228206329696550569_nHey hey!!

Last saturday my friend Jeroen got 20 years old! There was a bbq at his place with a lot of friends, food and fun to celebrate it 🙂 also there was a pool, actually really useful when it’s 36 degrees outside!

For dinner we had selfmade hamburgers. There were burgers and bacon on the barbecue and we were able to choose our toppings to put on the hamburger bun, really nice idea! Afterwards I actually was quite full because we also got ourselves an ice cream before that haha 😉 never a shortage of food on birthdays!

When it got dark, Jeroen had put up a little campfire to sit around. It was really nice to swim first,because when you got out of the pool it got really cold and then you could warm up around the fire and chat with your friends. 4 other friends and I stayed over for the night because it was a little too far to drive home. It stayed very warm outside so we literally slept under the stars, it was amazing.

We got up around 8:30 am and worked all together to put some breakfast on the table. It was like we were in a hotel: croissants, chocolate sandwiches, yoghurt, granola, fresh fruit, whipcream…. delicious! Jeroen asked us to stay a little longer so we did. We went to the groceries to get some stuff for lunch. We made a fresh, homemade bolognaise sauce. It seems cooking is the only thing we do haha ! (it actually is, ssst). We ate a lovely spaghetti, cleaned the kitchen and packed our bags to end a lovely weekend.
I had a great time with friends and hope Jeroen had an amazing birthday, thanks again!!

Oh btw: almost all of the pictures were taken by Jeroen himself. He actually is about to become a great and known photographer! Check his page here  😉

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend 😉


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