You had me at pancakes

Hey loves!

This morning I had banana/oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. The recipe is sooo easy and they’re so delicious, you just have to make them 😉 the recipe I used back in the days only required one banana and 2 eggs but the pancakes were way to weak. This one is much better!
How to make them?:

You need 1 banana, 1 egg, 70 gr oatmeal and 100 mL almond milk (I use the unsweetened version of Alpro Soya). You put all of this in a blender, mix it all up en you’re ready to go! I use coconut oil to give the pancakes that brown color but you can also use butter or whatever you like. To finish it all, I top the pancakes with some agave syrup, dark chocolate (86%), some banana and some raspberries. Sometimes I use peanut butter, reaaally good too!



IMG_1634 (1)IMG_1635 (1)IMG_1638 (1)


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