Fancy a waffle?

Hey loves,

I made some sweet, sugar free waffles! It’s a recipe from Sandra Bekkari, she’s great!
So, what do you need?:

100gr oatmeal
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
175 mL rice milk
1 tbsp honey
1 vanilla pod

Mix the oatmeal in a blender so it looks like flour. Add the baking powder, rice milk, honey, vanilla and the yolk of the egg. Mix it. Afterwards you whip the egg white so it’s more stiff. Mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Put some coconut oil or arachide oil on the iron before baking the waffles.

When they’re ready, you can top them with whatever you like! A really great combination is salmon and some onions. I love the combination of sweet and salt! Also you can put some fresh fruit on top of it 😉


IMG_1785 (4)IMG_1786 (3)IMG_1789 (2)IMG_1791 (2)


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