Pizza with oatmeal crust

Hey you!

I’ve tried a new recipe yesterday. Since I’m a huge pizzalover, I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative and I’ve found this one. It’s a recipe from the sisters from Chicks Love Food. The crust contains just oatmeal, water and 1egg: amazing!

What do you need?
-130gr oatmeal
-100mL water
-1 little aubergine
– pasta sauce (only tomato, no meat)

How to do it?
You blend 50gr oatmeal, afterwards you add the rest of the oatmeal to this and you mix it with 100mL of water and 1 egg. Mix until you have a sticky mixture. Put the mixture on a baking tray, in a pizza form (0.5 cm thick). Bake for 10 minutes (200 degrees).
Put some olive oil onto the dough and afterwards the tomato sauce. Put as much aubergine and mozarella on top as you like (cut the aubergine thin enough). Bake again for 30minutes: done!



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