Fish and meat make a great combo!

Hey you,

Last weekend I made this dish for the very first time! Quinoa with onion, peas and parmesan (makes it creamy: so nice!). I served this with shrimps and some serrano ham (sounds weird at first but it fits this dish perfectly!).

What do you need? (2pers):
– 100gr quinoa
– 1 onion
– peas (depends on how much you want in your quinoa)
– parmesan (as much as you like!)
– 5 shrimps each
– garlic, pepper, salt
– serrano ham

How to prepare?:
-put the onion in a cooking-pot with some olive oil
– add the quinoa and some water and make sure the quinoa gets enough water to become soft (add some bouillon, gives a nice flavour)
-grill the shrimps, add some pepper, salt and garlic to get a good taste
-when the quinoa is ready you add some parmesan and you stirr until you get a cheesy mixture, finish with pepper and salt
-Put everything on a plate: top the quinoa with some ham and on top of that you put the shrimps.

Serve with a good glass of wine and… attack!



Hola madrid!

Mercado de San Miguel


Toast with mozarella, tomato and salmon (left), toast topped with pesto, salami, mozarella and rucola (middle) and last but not least: toast with mozarella, tomato, serrano ham and some jam (delicious!!)
Templo de Debod. You really should watch the sunset here!


Courgetti for diner

Hey you,

yesterday I made courgetti with avocado cream, chicken, pesto, rucola and some tomatoes. So good (and easy)!

You start with grilling the chicken. When it’s almost finished you put some pesto on top of it. Afterwards you add the courgetti with some olive oil on top of it. Wait until the courgetti is soft.

The avocado cream:
Make sure the avocado is ripe so you can easily make a smooth cream out of it. Just flatten it with a fork, add some salt and pepper and: ready!

Finish with some rucola and tomatoes. Ready to eat!




Feta quinoa salad

Hello there,

we had quinoa for dinner and there was waaay too much so I thought it was a good idea to use it for lunch the day after. I made a combination with some carrots, feta and some onion: really nice! It is quite good with a little bit of green salad and salmon as a side. Finish with some pepper and salt!




Avocado salad

Hey there,

this one’s very easy. All you need is some green salad, tomatoes, salmon, hummus and avocado. I like it with some omelet, but that’s your choice 😉 put it all together in a bowl and enjoy!!



Nice cream

Hey there!

Just to have some variation when it comes to breakfast, I started to make nice cream from time to time. It’s very easy to prepare and sooo yummy!

What do you need?
– frozen red fruit
-1 banana (not frozen)
– Alpro Soya Mild&Creamy (naturel)
– Toppings as you like (I prefer granola)

You mix all the ingredients (not too much Alpro Soya, otherwise it will be like a drink and you need it to be a little bit thick). I don’t use the whole banana because I like a part of it as topping.

Make it as pretty as you like and: DONE!