Antwerp for today

Hey guys!

Today I went for some quality time with my lovely friend Irmy in Antwerp. We had lunch at Cordoba Foodbar. This place has a really nice atmosphere! We went for toast with goat cheese and pastrami. Yummie!

After that my brother joined us for some drinks. Had the best day ♥




Hey loves,

I had a lovely weekend and I ended it with a sunday filled with lovely people and ofcourse: lovely food.


Napping ♥
The best stepdad out there and our little one: Marie 
We had pizza at Otomat, Gent . I had one topped with pesto, chicken, zucchini, tomato and rucola. The others had one with tomato, minced meat, rucola and cheese. Delicious!
Marie made a new friend, haha 😉 

Happy mothersday ♥

Hey loves,

this morning I made some banana oatmeal pancakes and yoghurt with berries and coulis for my mom. She loves chocolate so I went to the bakery for a chocolate pastry with creme in it! She was very happy (and full haha). What did you guys do for mothersday?


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Puppy love

Hey hey,

I’m home for the weekend and when I’m home I love to spend some time with my little dogs! I have two dogs, one is 11 years old and the youngest is about 1 year old. They are so fluffy, especially the little one: she’s like a little monster haha! They loooove to kiss people, as you can see 😉

The best things in life aren’t just things




My lovely brother


Thanks for being like a father to me ♥

img_0276Hey loves,

yesterday I visited Antwerp with my family to celebrate my stepdad’s 54th birthday! We went to Aper’eau. It was like a little party where a lot of people came together. You could have Martini cocktails and something to eat. It was just next to the MAS, a well known museum in Antwerp. Really nice! We went there before having dinner.

We made reservations in Roest, Antwerp to have dinner. A little restaurant where you can eat quinoa salads, raviolis, meat and fish and probably the best sweet potato fries ever! I had those fries with chicken piri-piri. Absolutely loved it 😉

It was a lovely evening just with family and in moments like that you realize they’re the only thing you need…

Have a great weekend guys,

Walking the dogs

Hey hey,

today it was a beaaautiful day here in Waasmunster! The sun was up and it got to 27 degrees so it was the ideal weather to go outside. I went for a walk with my two dogs: Cracotte and Marinette (funny names, I know haha). My mom was also with us because she didn’t have to go to work today.

We found a beautiful place, so nice and quite. That’s rare because we live next to a street which is very busy so it’s nice to come here. We walked 5km without even noticing and so we did our workout of the day! Some people really underestimate the power of a good walk. We actually burned 220 calories just by walking. Really nice, isn’t it? You should try it!