Avocado salad

Hey there,

this one’s very easy. All you need is some green salad, tomatoes, salmon, hummus and avocado. I like it with some omelet, but that’s your choice πŸ˜‰ put it all together in a bowl and enjoy!!



Nice cream

Hey there!

Just to have some variation when it comes to breakfast, I started to make nice cream from time to time. It’s very easy to prepare and sooo yummy!

What do you need?
– frozen red fruit
-1 banana (not frozen)
– Alpro Soya Mild&Creamy (naturel)
– Toppings as you like (I prefer granola)

You mix all the ingredients (not too much Alpro Soya, otherwise it will be like a drink and you need it to be a little bit thick). I don’t use the whole banana because I like a part of it as topping.

Make it as pretty as you like and: DONE!




Happy mothersday β™₯

Hey loves,

this morning I made some banana oatmeal pancakes and yoghurt with berries and coulis for my mom. She loves chocolate so I went to the bakery for a chocolate pastry with creme in it! She was very happy (and full haha). What did you guys do for mothersday?


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Spicy quinoa salad

Hey you,

today I made a quinoa salad for lunch, with tuna. So easy, healthy and yummie!

What do you need?:

-40 grams of quinoa
-canned tuna
-tomatoes (as much as you like)
-red onion
-seeds (you can choose: sesame seeds, chia seeds..)

First you cook the quinoa. I use some broth to give it more taste! When the water is almost gone, you can add the tomatoes. When all the water is gone, you put the quinoa in a bowl, add the tuna, onions, harissa and seeds: simple as that! Add some pepper and salt if you like.




Bar Copine

Hey loves,

today I discovered a new place really close to my house:Β Bar Copine. It’s actually a lifestyle shop where you can buy interior stuff, granola etc. You can eat breakfast (aΓ§ai bowls, pancakes,…). I had lunch together with my friend Freya! I had a quinoa salad with olives, feta cheese, aspargus, carrot and much more! She had a toast with hummus on top of it and a lot of vegetables. Also they served something like couscous next to it: really nice! Offcourse we had matcha lattes for drinks.
On sundays they serve brunch, I go there in two weeks πŸ™‚ !!


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Freya β™₯

Sunday brunch

Hey loves,

today I had brunch inΒ Fabrik, Antwerp. It’s a really nice place where you can also have lunch and dinner (very good burgers!). We had lots of things: a yoghurt bowl with fruit and muesli, an omelet, croissants, bread, jam,cheese,….
In the afternoon we had drinks atΒ Mercado. It’s like a food market where you can have food from different cultures: asian, italian, … We had some cocktails there, really nice πŸ™‚
When I got home I just had some quality time with my family and dogs, because in a few hours I leave for Ghent (where I study).

Hope you had a lovely sunday guys!
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Pants: Zara

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Sweet potato toast

Hey loves,

for lunch I made some toast made of sweet potato. You cut them in slices (1/2cm) en put them on the grill (put some olive oil on the potato slices before you do this). Afterwards you just top them with whatever you like! I had some avocado and red onion, sea salt and pepper. Also veeeery good is pesto!



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Fancy a waffle?

Hey loves,

I made some sweet, sugar free waffles! It’s a recipe from Sandra Bekkari, she’s great!
So, what do you need?:

100gr oatmeal
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
175 mL rice milk
1 tbsp honey
1 vanilla pod

Mix the oatmeal in a blender so it looks like flour. Add the baking powder, rice milk, honey, vanilla and the yolk of the egg. Mix it. Afterwards you whip the egg white so it’s more stiff. Mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Put some coconut oil or arachide oil on the iron before baking the waffles.

When they’re ready, you can top them with whatever you like! A really great combination is salmon and some onions. I love the combination of sweet and salt! Also you can put some fresh fruit on top of it πŸ˜‰


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Dessert for breakfast

Hey loves,

yesterday I made an original version of a banana split for breakfast. Soooo easy! You just cut your banana in two pieces, put some greek yoghurt on top of it (I use Total % from FAGE). On top of that you put some granola (as much as you like) and then you can make it as pretty as you want :-D! I added some agave syrup and red fruit. Afterwards you can mix it all together (that’s how I like it, but you can eat it like this too). I saw this recipe from Anouk Verniers, make sure you check out her blog!! —>Β here.

Hope you enjoy guys!

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